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durablecorpWe carry Wheel Chocks that meet OSHA specification: 1910.178 (k) which requires wheel chocks to be placed under rear wheels. We have a nice variety ranging from our heavy duty, recycled 88-8 to our light to medium duty 68-9 in black and orange.

We also offers a variety of wheel chock accessories including wheel chock chains, parking signs, and wheel chock hangers.

Heavy Duty Recycled Rubber Wheel Chockswheelchock - heavy duty

Premium, extra-heavy-duty wheel chocks made from recycled laminated rubber pads compressed between 1/4″ steel plates. Features a 5-year warranty!



Metal (Aluminum) Wheel Chockswheelchock - metal

All-aluminum, non-sparking wheel chocks. Aluminum wheel chock is light weight, gripping teeth for road surface traction.



Rubber Wheel Chocksrubber-wheel-chocks_2

4 styles of rubber wheel chocks including those made with recycled rubber content, molded using fiber-reinforced rubber and high visibility orange



Urethane Wheel Chockswheelchock - urethane

Urethane Wheel Chocks





Wheel Chock Accessorieswheelchock accessories

Accessories for wheel chocks include attachment chains, and signs for “how to use.”

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