Safety Equipment

Guard Railing System

GuardRail1What are Safety Barrier Guard Rails?

Safety Barrier Guard Rails protect people, walkways, machinery and buildings from collisions. The safety guard rails provided by Omega Industrial Products and Ideal Shield are constructed from the toughest steel and provide non-penetrable support and protection.


Our Industrial Guard Rail line of products include:

  • Safety GuardrailGuardRail2
  • Removable Guardrail and Gates
  • Guardrail Mounting Posts
  • Guardrail Caps, Flairs and Accessories
  • Guardrail Brackets
  • Standard Guardrail
  • Heavy Duty Guardrail
  • Custom Guardrail
  • Goal Post Dock Door Protection

Guardrail offer you these advantages:


  • Safeguard your workplace from injuries and accidents caused by moving vehicles.
  • Designed to absorb the impact of a forklift, sweeper, other in-plant vehicles.
  • Available in stock single or double rail heights that can be customized to fit any application.
  • Attractive, highly visible OSHA approved safety yellow finish.
  • Heavy duty construction for superior strength and long term reliability.
  • Modular construction with standard components that are easily adaptable to most applications.
  • Easy to install – shipped with all necessary components and hardware. Easy to expand or relocate.

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