Industrial Fans



AirVolution-D 780

The heavy-duty AirVolution-D 780 has a strategically enhanced motor that delivers up to 75% more wind power, keeping  larger locations such as airports and stadiums cooler.


  • Strong but light
  • Costs only pennies a day to run 24/7
  • Efficient distribution of warm and cool air


AirVolution-D 550

The AirVolution-D 550 fan controls temperature and humidity in medium to large locations such as auto shops, equine facilities, and agricultural applications.



  • Light and leak-proof
  • Inaudible operation
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


AirVolution-D 370

 Perfect for ceiling heights as low as 12 ft, the AirVolution-D 370 makes a person feel up to 10°F cooler without the noise and aggressive air flow of other models.



  • Silent operation
  • Custom colours
  • Wash-down compatible for indoor and outdoor use